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Purchasing Artificial Grass
All artificial turf is not created equal and before you make that investment, make sure you follow some guidelines.

* Beware of cheap cost

Some Dealers offer unbelievable prices to compete. Make sure that you are comparing equal types of turf. A cheaply made product costs more in the end if it only lasts a fraction of the time.

* Urethane backing is the smartest choice

Beware of some manufacturer's backing components as some backings will degrade quicker. Urethane backing is durable and long lasting versus Latex which degrades faster.

* Fibers

Nylon fibers tend to absorb odors, so that is why we only sell poly fibers.

* Weights

If you worry about the weight of turf fibers vs others, some competitors will not be truthful about the total weight of their products. They will either add the primary or secondary backing weight to the total fiber without informing you of that.

* Blade Technology

There are many new blade systems out today that help cool the turf, make the blades stand up and make it last longer. Make sure you get the right composition for your needs.

* Infill

Infill for you artificial grass is a very important addition. We only use Fresh Fill which is charcoal based and is people and pet friendly. This infill helps eliminate odors from pet waste as well as helping to cool your artificial grass by blocking the sun's rays from the base of the fibers. Silica sand is not usually a good option in Arizona as it retains the heat more.