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Rental Equipment for artificial grass installation

A.W. Turf and Pavers knows the importance of having the right equipment to get the job done right

Deposits are required for all equipment

Power Broom - $50 per day

Compactor - $50 per day

Water Roller - $20 per day

Seed Spreader - $20 per day

Shovels and Rakes available

Rental Dirt Compactor


Compactors are used to pack down your base materials.

Rental Water Roller Compactor

Water Roller

Water roller is used to even out and compact base material

Rental Power Broom to stand up blades

Power Broom

The power broom is used to "fluff" up your artificial grass

Rental Infill Spreader


The spreader helps distribute infill more uniformally

Rental rakes shovels wheelbarrow

Rakes, Shovels, Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow, Various rakes and shovels for all your needs

Photos are not of actual rental equipment